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 Haldner Ruth Goldach Geschenkkarten Haldner Ruth

Schulstrasse 1 9403 Goldach 10.11.2014 Haldner Ruth tel:+41718415769 mobile:+41718415769

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Haldner Ruth Schulstrasse 1 Goldach
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Haller Frieda St. Gallerstrasse 31 Goldach

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Ruth Marianna Handler (née Mosko; November 4, 1916 April 27, 2002) was an American businesswoman and inventor. She served as the president of the toy ... wikipedia.org
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Ruth Handler invented Barbie and co-founded Mattel Toys. Barbie was the first mass-marketed adult-looking doll for girls. Page 2. about.com
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1916, Denver, CO 2002, Los Angeles, CA. Handler paid $500,000 to become the sole sponsor of the Mickey Mouse Club -- the value of the entire Mattel Company. pbs.org
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